Destination Zwöenitz

The Comenius group of IES Roquetes are travelling again. This time we are going to Zwöenitz in Germany.

Zwöenitz is here

Mostra un mapa més gran

We will be there for the week of the project, our principle reason for going. But before we go to Zwöenitz we will spend three days in Berlin.

In fact we arrive on the 23rd at Schoenfeld airport. This is in the centre of Berlin and our hotel is only three stops from the airport.

Mostra un mapa més gran

We will take the city train to our stop and the hotel is in front of the station.

We will be in Berlin for three days, on the third day we will go to Zwöenitz by bus. We are there for the days of the project work and then we go to Dresden by bus to spend a day seeing the sights of the city.

Mostra un mapa més gran

Finally we go back to Berlin by bus and fly back to Barcelona on the 2nd of December